I’m a complex and contradictory individual, a passionate and extremely emotional woman. Everything I’ve experienced, even when it felt like a punishment, was a privilege because it made me who I am today. It’s at my most vulnerable that I feel the most liberated. That’s when I feel like an artist.

I express myself through pigment, paper and light, creating sensory experiences out of watercolor paintings and installations. I like toying with audience perception, inviting them into a universe of darkness with the promise of shape, color and sound. It’s a world devoid of fear, rising from the most vulnerable and honest part of my psyche.

Art is a reflection of the soul that shakes you to the very core, causing vibrations that transcend everyday existence.

My intention is to confront my emotions, overcome the pain and start to heal, which is why I’m so excited you’re here. I love sharing my most intimate thoughts with you. Please immerse yourself in the extraordinary nature of art, embrace who you are and practice self-love.

Don’t be afraid to share yourself with the world because your identity is integral to your legacy. You’re the most important part of your own work. From the moment it is conceived to the moment it is completed, every work of art speaks to who you are.

Kandinsky wrote about the color blue: «As it deepens into black, it assumes overtones of a superhuman sorrow. It becomes an infinite absorption into that profound state of seriousness, which has, and can have, no end.»

So dive in and don’t be afraid to lose yourself!